5 Things You Can Do To Confidently Buy A Orlando House Sight Unseen

5 Things You Can Do To Confidently Buy A Orlando House Sight Unseen

It has become common to shop online, including ordering groceries or food, and having them brought to your door. While it sounds rather strange and slightly unsettling, very often homes are bought and sold long distance. This is accomplished virtually through the internet, without the buyer ever having stepped foot on the actual property. We will explain 4 things you can do to confidently buy a Orlando house sight unseen.

Virtual Tours

A virtual tour can allow you to see a property just as if you were walking through the home yourself. Using this technology allows you to view a home before you buy it. Watching a virtual tour is a wise thing for you to do to confidently buy a Orlando house sight unseen. Drones, used by professionals, enable you to not only have a walkthrough of the interior but can lift up above the home showing the condition of the roof and the surrounding property. You will also be able to see the immediate neighbors or lack thereof. Additionally, you can request a FaceTime walk-through so you can be there “virtually” with us and ask questions and zoom into an area or room you’d like to check out more. 

Make a Checklist

Request a virtual tour be provided showing you everything you would want to see “as if” you were there yourself. Take the time to write out everything about the property you may want to see for yourself or ask about, by being prepared prior to requesting your personalized video, you can feel more confident about buying a Orlando house sight unseen. We may already have video walk-through’s available for you that we have already done so you can make sure it’s something you would like to look further into so no one wastes their time, including you. 


In the past, you would’ve had to make a trip to find the home and learn more about the neighborhood by seeing it for yourself. If you’re buying long distance, you’ll want to save time and money by doing all of your footwork through the internet, this is also something you can do to confidently buy an Orlando house sight unseen. Another advance in technology is the ability to view maps of the area online. You can also see what type of amenities may be located nearby, such as parks or other community-based facilities. Likewise, you can see how closely the homes in the area are together. Using the data that is available at your fingertips through the use of technology can help you to learn more about the area. Statistics about crime in the area, ratings for the schools near the home you’re interested in.  Additionally, you can review transactions of properties in the same area to familiarize yourself with the prices that homes are selling for. All of this data can help to ensure that you are getting a deal that works for your and your investment strategy, whether it be to fix and flip or buy and hold.

Work With Professionals

Unless you’ve got an abundance of time and knowledge about your target market to purchase a home, it’s wise to seek help to find a good deal. Working with an experienced professional is a good move to make if you want to confidently buy a Orlando house sight unseen. 

The best thing you can do to feel secure about your transaction and take full advantage of the ever-changing technology of real estate is to work with us. Sunshine Wholesale Properties can assist you by handling all of these things and more. We’ll help you through every step of the way so you can confidently buy an Orlando house sight unseen! Learn more about how we can help you by sending us a message or giving us a call at 407-594-5001 today!

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